“I hope he can come back very strong”

Roger Federer had yet to talk about Rafa Nadal’s return to the courts. About the return of his friend Rafa Nadal after almost a year of absence. The Spaniard will return at the ATP250 in Brisbane with his sights set on the Australian Open in 2024 in which he will feel like a tennis player again. And the Swiss has sent him all his support.

It was from China, where the legendary Swiss player is, where Federer has sent a message of spirit for Nadal after that injury that has kept him away from the courts for a long, long time.

“I hope Rafa can come back very strong next year”, commented the Swiss about Nadal’s return.

“Having Djokovic and Nadal still playing…”

He also spoke about Djokovic, and the Serbian has shown an excellent level in 2022: “I hope he can continue as long as he wants.”

“Having both of them still playing is good for the sport. I can only say the best about them.”insists Federer.

And it was an honor for him to be able to “share the court” with Nadal and Djokovic: “I was very happy to have played against them 40 or 50 times.

“I have many memories of those great duels,” says Federer in his words about who were his rivals for so many years in the world of tennis.

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