Ibai Llanos and Eladio Carrión will donate $200 thousand to victims of fires in Chile

Ibai Llanos

Ibai Llanos

Celebrities from all over the world continue to show solidarity with Chile in the midst of the fires that devastate Valparaíso. He streamer Ibai Llanos, and the singer Eladio Carrón They announced that they will donate $200 thousand to the victims.

They made the announcement in a live broadcast through the Twitch platform, where they shared for several minutes.

“A charitable initiative for everything that was happening with Chile, everything that was happening in the country this week,” Llanos began by saying in the broadcast.

“We are going to personally donate $100,000,” complemented the Puerto Rican singer.

Llanos said that he wanted to join the Puerto Rican artist’s solidarity act to benefit the thousands of people affected by the fires in the fifth Chilean region.

Forest fires in Chile/AFP

“I would also like to be able to collaborate with this, Eladio, and I would like to do my part like you are doing. (…) I will also make that same donation and I would like, I repeat, that together with the Eladio Carrión team we can do it in a way that is 100% safe and 100% that goes where we want. So we wanted to do this help, this collaboration. “Eladio proposed it to me and I said, I’m totally into it,” said the Spaniard.

Until last week, Chilean authorities reported 117 deaths from that emergency, which also left thousands of people without homes. Other artists, such as Alejandro Sanz, called on the union to join the solidarity cause prior to the Viña del Mar International Song Festival.

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