Igor Camargo speaks out about his partner’s controversy with Graciele Lacerda

Igor Camargo
Igor Camargo – Photo: Instagram

The young businessman Igor Camargoson of Zilu Godoi and Zezé Di Camargo, used social media this past Sunday, December 10, to publish a video blasting his stepmother Graciele Lacerda, after her controversy with his partner, Amabylle Eiroa, was exposed on ‘Domingo Espetacular’ , from Record.

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Through a video published on his official Instagram profile, Igor Camargo declared: “I wanted to talk about the accusation that Graciele lost a contract due to Maby’s actions [Amabylle Eiroa, esposa de Igor]. You lost a contract with a shampoo brand where I’ve heard people say publicly that you weren’t satisfied with the shampoo. You even said that you exchanged the bottle for another product because it didn’t work…“, he shot.

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Following his speeches, Igor did not limit himself to revealing: “I’ve also heard that you used a straightener, progressive because the product didn’t straighten your hair 100%. So how much is Maby to blame for this contract that she had already worn out before? I’m discreet, I don’t like to talk, but I defend when I need to defend“, continued.

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Still in his post, Igor revealed that he was very discreet and that he was only acting in such a way because he wanted to defend those who really, according to him, were right. “I am a discreet person. I’m the last one who should go into this matter. The person who should defend herself is Amabylle, but she had an extremely excessive precautionary decision, in which if Amabylle cited Graciele she could have preventive arrest. Graciele only came to talk because Amabylle couldn’t defend herself. I can’t leave this cowardice without defending her… She [Amabylle] There was no bad faith in bringing this up. We’ve been trying to resolve it since July. At first Graciele denied being aware of the fake profile, then she said she didn’t use it, and now she said that everyone knew about the fake profile“, he commented.

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At the end of the video, Igor Camargo emphasized: “When we brought the story internally, Graciele instead of saying: ‘It wasn’t me. It was my team. Shall we look together?’. No. She created a conspiracy theory that Amabylle would have seen that this profile was used by Graciele, she would have created a profile with the same name – which is impossible – and would have attacked the family to blame Graciele. It was proven that the creation IP was hers [Graciele] same. I don’t know if you know that. There’s nowhere to run, because the story doesn’t make sense“, he concluded.


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