In 2023, Costa Rica recycled more than 20 thousand tons of glass

Manufacturing of glass products. Photo: courtesy.

In what we have 2023, more than 20 thousand tons of glass have been recycled in the country, according to the data provided by Grupo Vical and the collection campaigns carried out.

In the last 12 years this organization has carried out the “glass for glass exchange” campaign, which consists of people taking their used glass to different collection points and there they are exchanged for new glass items.

Through this didactic activity, the multiple benefits of glass and the circular economy model are promoted.

100% of the glass recovered in these campaigns is recycled at the plant. Central American Stained Glass, located in Cartago, and is also transformed into new containers to supply the national and international demand of medicine, food, liquor, wine, beer, cosmetics industries, among others.

In addition to the 20 thousand tons, in Costa Rica recycling is added at the regional level (Central America and the Caribbean), giving a figure that reaches 110 thousand tons, and it is expected close the year with more than 127 thousand tons of glass recycled.

“Glass is a unique material that allows it to be used completely, over and over again, in true recycling, from bottle to bottle. This reduces the requirements for virgin raw materials, energy consumption within the process and waste. When we talk about glass we talk about pure recycling,” explained Gerald Jiménez, head of Image & Corporate Affairs at Grupo Vical.

Another benefit of glass is that it protects people’s health. Glass is an inert, chemically neutral material, which means that it does not contaminate the drinks or foods it contains with chemicals.

Glass is an airtight material, Sterilizable and free of pores, which allows the content to be preserved for longer.

When you consume products in glass you have complete certainty that like no other, the taste, smell, quality and qualities of what is stored in it are preserved.

This is why glass is the ideal material to contain food, drinks, medicines and perfumes, that is, those products that care about their properties and the health of the consumer.

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