In an interview, Zeca Pagodinho talks about physical exercise: ‘If walking was good, a postman wouldn’t die’

Zeca Pagodinho – Reproduction/Instagram

The singer and composer Zeca Pagodinho He was interviewed by Pedro Bial during “Som do Brasil” and had the opportunity to talk a little about his career and personal life. When asked about physical exercise and whether he usually goes for walks or something like that, Zeca drew attention by stating that he does not practice any type of physical activity.

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“Do you exercise?”Bial asks. “No”replies the singer. “Don’t walk”he questions the interviewer again, receiving an unexpected answer. “I am not! If walking were good, the postman wouldn’t die. The sun came out for everyone, but the shade is not for everyone and neither is the air conditioning.”replied Zeca, making Bial laugh.

“Som Brasil” celebrated the life and career of the samba singer, who completed 40 years of career and became well known due to numerous hits presented on TV programs and even soundtracks for soap operas.

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Zeca Pagodinho calls Pedro Bial during an interview

Pedro Bial was interviewing Ailton Graça and Yuri Marçal about “Mussum, o Filmis”, when he received a call from none other than Zeca Pagodinho. Upon learning who the guests were, the singer took the opportunity to recall some curious facts he experienced alongside the interviewees.

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“I miss you, Ailton. Is Mussunzinho there with you? My film said that we were invited to the launch of the film. Mussum recorded two of my songs with me in the studio. Chiclete de Hortelã (1978) and Nego Juca (Minha e do Arlindo). We drink a lot of beer. He was funny as hell.”he said on speakerphone.

“Mussum, o Filmis” shows the trajectory of Antônio Carlos Bernardes Gomes, known by the stage name Mussum in “Os Trapalhões”. The production details his childhood, military career and success alongside Renato Aragão, Dedé Santana and Zacarias in the quartet that became well known on TV, gaining a legion of fans.

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