In ‘Caldeirão’, Tatá Werneck explains what it’s like to work with her husband Rafa Vitti and jokes about the couple’s intimacy: “It doesn’t happen anymore”

Tatá Werneck (Reproduction: TV Globo)
Tatá Werneck in Caldeirão (Reproduction: TV Globo)

On the afternoon of this Saturday, December 9th, the ‘cauldron‘, presented by Marcos Mion, on TV Globo. The actress Tata Werneck was one of the guests on the weekly attraction, where she was asked about what it’s like to work with the actor and husband Rafa Vitti. The comedian explained what the couple’s routine is like and made a joke about their current intimacy, which is also common among the lovebirds on social media.

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“My question is: how is it working for the first time with Rafa Vitti, your husband?”asked Marcos. “I thought I would take advantage of a free ride, save on gasoline, but no. So, we see little of each other. We wake up together, we fight at home, we take care of Clara. We work and sleep together. So, sex doesn’t happen anymore.”declared the actress and comedian jokingly, and ended up laughing at Marcos Mion.

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The actor’s wife continued and revealed whether or not she likes working with Rafa: “Because it’s a lot of time together. Now, if everyone does a soap opera, they come home and talk about the other soap opera, but I’m enjoying working with him”. She also explained how the couple deals with the fact that both characters kiss: “But sometimes I see his kiss scene with Petra and he sees mine with Rainer, it becomes more of a family thing. Thank you, Rede Globo”, declared the actress. “It’s all in the family”concluded Mion.

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Caldeirão viewers and Tatá’s admirers reacted to her speech on Mion’s program: “I love this one”said the first. “Wonderful Tata”, wrote the second. “I love you Tatá”, said the third, who received a response from the network’s profile: ”It’s impossible not to laugh a lot with this queen! I love it so much, my friend”, praised.

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