In ‘É De Casa’, Ju Massaoka opens up about attempted robbery: “I wasn’t hurt”

Ju Massaoka in É De Casa
Ju Massaoka on É De Casa – Photo: TV Globo

The reporter Ju Massaoka performed a live report for ‘It’s Home‘ this Saturday, December 9th, and the morning presenters, of course, did not fail to comment on the attempted robbery she suffered on Friday morning (8) during the ‘Encontro’ with Patrícia Poeta.

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On that occasion, a man on a bicycle tried to steal her cell phone, but she was wearing a cover with a strap and managed to hold the device. “I held it like that and the guy didn’t take it, but I thought about it later. Yesterday I was really happy that you didn’t take my cell phone, I wasn’t hurt, thank God“, she began, and continued: “But after the penny dropped, my mind cooled down, I was wondering if this man reacts, I didn’t let him complete the theft he wanted, if he comes back to try to attack me, I don’t even know if it was a good idea to have pulled out the cell phone“, she declared.

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Still live on ‘É De Casa’, Ju confessed: “But at the time we don’t think, it’s such an instinctive reaction, it’s almost a reflex, we don’t think about the possible consequences. The situation is really complicated“, said the reporter.

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Finally, Juliane commented on the insecurity of living in São Paulo, revealing that even given the situation, this cannot shake her: “It’s a feeling of fear, of insecurity, but it’s about not letting fear paralyze us, the city is ours, it belongs to the worker, we need to occupy the spaces. Of course, trying to hide our belongings, unfortunately, because of the violence, but we can’t help but leave the house, get trapped, because of these robbers that are out there.“, he declared.

+ Ju Massaoka suffers attempted robbery during live appearance on ‘Encontro’

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