In ‘Encontro’, Eliane Giardini reveals details about Agatha’s death in ‘Land and Passion’

Eliane Giardini at the Meeting
Eliane Giardini at the Meeting – Photo: TV Globo

The actress Eliane Giardini attended the ‘Meeting‘ with Patrícia Poeta this Thursday, December 7th, on TV Globo, and live, she commented on details about the death of Agatha La Selva, her character in the plot ‘Terra e Paixão’, written by author Walcyr Carrasco.

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In front of the cameras and audience of the morning show, Eliane Giardini was questioned by Poeta about the outcome of her character in ‘Terra e Paixão’ and, of course, the actress exposed some spoilers of what is to come, even after the death of the villain in the soap opera. . According to Eliane, Agatha will die a ‘deserved’ death for such villainy, receiving three shots, being poisoned and having her neck broken. However, she confessed that she cannot say who her killer was, but assured that he was someone very important to the plot.

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Still live, Eliane Giardini revealed that she was very emotional during the last recordings of the soap opera. She and Rafael Vitti recorded scenes from when they spent Christmas in jail. At the time, he went to visit her mother and told her that she would never spend time in jail again. The actress also said that during the recording she was very emotional.

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Afterwards, she said that these 100 chapters she did in ‘Land and Passion’ were overwhelming for her, highlighting the developments that the character had. The artist also said that even after Agatha’s death, she will remain present until the end of the plot, showing several flashbacks of the other characters with her.

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Finally, Eliane confessed that, ever since she received Walcyr Carrasco’s invitation to play Agatha, she knew that she was a shrew, self-interested and that something more about her would come. The full interview can be found on Globoplay.

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