In the premiere of the new season, ‘Globo Repórter’ celebrates 150 years of Italian immigration in Brazil

Sandra Annenberg goes to the Agarelli family home and lives a typically Italian tradition
Sandra Annenberg goes to the Agarelli family home and lives a typically Italian tradition (Globo/Disclosure)

With reports that delve into the most diverse subjects and trips that have transported viewers to stunning places for 50 years, the ‘Globo reporter‘ premieres its new season next Friday, the 16th, celebrating the 150 years of Italian immigration in Brazila milestone in national history, officially celebrated in February 2024. Presenter Sandra Annenberg and reporters Ilze Scamparini, Mário Bonella and Camila Marinho tour Brazilian cities, tell the story of the descendants of Italians who chose to live in Brazil and show the legacy left in the country.

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From the Port of Genoa, where they boarded ships bound for Brazil, reporter Ilze Scamparini remembers the difficult situation that Italians faced in search of a better life. In Espírito Santo, where the first wave of Italian immigrants disembarked aboard the steamship “La Sofia”, in 1874, reporter Mário Bonella shows the cities of Espírito Santo that recount Italian immigration and how they established themselves in a new country. And reporter Camila Marinho meets Dona Itália, who was born on the ship ‘Biancamano’ on the way to Brazil and disembarked with 400 families to live in Bahia.

In São Paulo, a city that has great influence in its buildings, with traditionally Italian neighborhoods, such as Mooca, which has the Immigration Museum and also houses the traditional football team ‘Clube Atlético Juventus’, Sandra Annenberg goes to the house of family of one of the club’s founders and tells the story of descendants who preserve passions, traditions and the memory of their ancestors.

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Check out the exclusive interview with presenter Sandra Annenberg:

After celebrating the program’s 50th anniversary, what would you say about being at the helm of ‘Globo Repórter’ for another year?
It’s an honor to be part of a program that has been on the air for 50 years. On the streets, while reporting, I feel that ‘Globo Repórter’ is a national institution. I realize that every Brazilian feels that the program is part of their life and they are right. We do our work so that the public is well informed and can relax too. It is a reciprocal relationship of love. We are kicking off the next 50 years!

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In the new season you will be on the street a lot, working as a reporter on different programs. What is it like for you to dive into this world of reporting?
I’m loving! I spent practically my entire professional life in the studio, on the benches, on live news. I did a lot of reporting too, but my specialty has always been presentation. Now, ‘Globo Repórter’ gives me the opportunity to return to the streets and have new experiences. After 33 years of journalism, experiencing new challenges is great.

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What can audiences expect from this new season?
We want to encourage the public to discover new discoveries every week! We thought of a diversity of themes that will certainly delight and surprise. Places we will explore, delicacies produced in Brazil, people who preserve culture, traditions and the environment. I hope the audience finds as much pleasure in watching it as we do in making it.

The premiere of the new season of ‘Globo Repórter’ will air on Friday, the 16th, right after ‘BBB 24’.

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