Indirect to Virginia? Bianca Andrade shows the resistance of her new foundation

Bianca Andrade and Virgínia (Photo: Instagram)

Previously, as you may have seen here on Vip areathe digital influencer and businesswoman Virginia Fonseca gave something to talk about when he launched his famous base. The current companion of Zé Felipe promised that the product was the best on the market. At the time, other influencers tested the cosmetic and shared opinions regarding its formula. Bianca Andrade launched its newest product and showed its resistance to its followers. Would it be a hint to Virginia?

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On her official Instagram account, the former partner Fred Bruno revealed that he had not previously recorded behind the scenes regarding the development of the new base. The businesswoman stated that the success behind her dermocosmetic lies in the amount of tests that are carried out before it reaches customers. Furthermore, Bianca pointed out that she is completely involved in this process.

She said the following: “When I developed my base, I didn’t film this behind the scenes for you. But this time, I’m going to film it so you can understand what’s behind the success of a base. All because I test, I actually give blood. I woke up very early, applied the foundation, and said: ‘Today I’m going to sweat to understand the resistance of this foundation. That’s the secret, when they ask: ‘Hey, how do you have a successful product?’. Bro, it’s getting involved, it’s really committing, you know?! It is at the time of testing that I guarantee the success of the product”he explained. Check it out below!

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During an interview given to the podcast ‘PodDelas’, led by Viih Tube It is Tata Estaniecki, the influencer even commented that she felt very sorry when she separated from YouTuber Fred Bruno. In the situation, Bianca reported that she wanted to separate the way Fred behaves as a father and how he was relating romantically to her.

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