INE and Meta launch program to combat misinformation in 2024 elections – Hermosillo Hoy

The objective of the INE and Meta initiative is to help people detect and report false content and give them tools to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

He National Electoral Institute (INE), Meta and the Mobilizing civil organization announced the launch of the new edition of the educational program I am Digitalwhich seeks combat misinformation and promote the responsible consumption of information for the elections next June 2.

According to a press release, the objective of the initiative is Help people spot and report false or sensational contentavoiding their virality, and giving them tools to protect yourself from cyber attacks and different types of violencesuch as gender violence.

The Soy Digital program consists of directed guides to students, civil society, public initiative and academics to contribute to generating a responsible digital citizenship and prevent online risks. The resources They will be available on the social networks of Mobilizing and in the Meta press site.

Among the recommendations that users can find in the guides is investigate and compare sources of informationconsider publication dates and go to fact checkers independent in case of doubt.

As part of the program, in the coming months the INE will give workshops to disseminate the contentsand the Mobilizatorio organization will release guides so that students, civil society, public initiatives and academics contribute to generating responsible digital citizenship and prevent online risks.

Counselor Martín Faz, president of the Electoral Training and Organization Commission of the INE, highlighted the importance of educational program because – he said – it will help citizens distinguish manipulated content that may inhibit participation in the June 2 elections.

“We want to help people detect and report false or sensational content, avoiding its virality and, with this, stay ahead of those who misuse technology and equip people with resources and knowledge that help them develop critical thinking.” and a responsible attitude regarding what you see and share on the Internet,” said Counselor Faz.

I am Digital It joins Meta’s other efforts to protect the integrity of its platforms, such as policies against hate speech and voter suppression, artificial intelligence that removes infringing content, ad transparency tools and around 40 thousand people dedicated to security.

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