Influencer dies at age 19 after liver transplant

Maria Sofia Valim – Reproduction/Instagram

The influencer Maria Sofia Valim19 years old, underwent a liver transplant last Thursday (7) after her father, Vitor Valim, mayor of Caucaia (CE), revealed that his daughter had a serious health situation.

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Unfortunately, Maria Sofia did not survive and passed away. The information was confirmed this Saturday (9), through the mayor’s social networks. With great sadness, Vitor announced the influencer’s death, asking for prayers and affection.

“It is with the deepest pain and sadness that I inform everyone of the passing of my beloved daughter Sofia. Unfortunately, her body couldn’t resist. I thank everyone for the prayers and affection dedicated to me and my family in this moment of extreme suffering.”he wrote.

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The politician also thanked the donor’s family, saying that they were responsible for giving “hope” and “love” during the difficult time his daughter was in. “Thank you very much to the donor family who filled us with so much hope and love”he completed.

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Maria Sofia Valim transplant

The advisory had disclosed in a note to the G1 portal that after the transplant Sofia had a “delicate health condition”. Vitor explained that they had found a compatible donor and were waiting to find out if their daughter’s body would accept the new organ.

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After following the legal procedures and joining the liver transplant queue, Sofia was able to find a donor due to the urgency of her case. This morning a compatible donor was found and the surgery was carried out successfully. However, the next 48 hours will still be observation so that we can find out if Sofia’s body will accept the new organ.”explained Vitor, also thanking the donor’s family on the occasion. “I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the donor’s family for their sensitivity and for helping to restore my daughter’s life.”he wrote.

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