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Innocent young people are murdered in Mexico. Their non-guilt lies in being in suitable places that become inappropriate; carry out activities appropriate to their age whose result is doing them where they “should not”; living in States of the Republic where crime reaches unsuspected levels and being victims of drug traffickers, whose actions have buried one of López Obrador’s maxims: “Hugs, not bullets.”

In addition to being murdered, when life has just dawned, our rulers revictimize and, incidentally, to relatives and neighbors and, in the case of the students, to their colleagues at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Latina located in Celaya, previously their home, now, at the wrong time, their grave. And that of his parents.

Not only is the López Obrador and Sheinbaum duo offending, the Morena party operators are offending, whose silence, in the face of the couple’s outrages and nonsense, makes them accomplices. The story would be different if one of the offspring of the Morenoist ministers or governors was murdered and a posteriori, accused by the Government in power. This is not the first time that the press has reported the murder of young people whose mortal destiny is to live in Mexico. Our country is home to more and more murdered innocents and missing people. Mexico is not the only place where innocent people are murdered but, I do not doubt it, our Government is a champion in blaming and revictimize to innocents

On the contemporary world map nothing goes unnoticed. There are countries that recommend their citizens not to travel to some places in our nation. They do not talk about a failed state. Perhaps the term is demodé. They talk about reality. Of American tourists assaulted on the highways. Of the young Australian surfers murdered in Sinaloa, and a very long etcetera. According to recent data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, “on average, 1.1 foreign people are murdered every day.” Baja California, Chihuahua, Jalisco, Tamaulipas and Sonora are the States where the most homicides are committed. Ours is a sad statistic. The governments responsible for this data are shameful and abominable.

Pedro, Fabián, Jesús, Bryan, Eduardo and Luis are the names of the medical students massacred in Celaya. Do any of the Morenista members or governors have children with those names? I bet: yes. The students were between 18 and 23 years old. Do any of those associated with López Obrador have children of that age? I bet: yes. The boys studied medicine. Do any of the children of the members of the current cabinet study Medicine? I bet: yes.

On December 6, on one of his fateful mornings, López Obrador stated with words, gestures and hands: “These boys who were murdered two days ago in Guanajuato were due to consumption (sic), because they went to buy with someone who was selling drugs in a territory that belonged to another gang.” After criminalizing them he backed down: “Everything is hypothetical… it is still being investigated.” (I don’t know what he thinks today).

A day later, Claudia Sheinbaum, mother of two children, commented: “… The students in Celaya were murdered for ‘acquisition of narcotics’.” She added: “The candidate for governor of Guanajuato, Alma Alcaraz, has a strategy to combat drug consumption so that Guanajuato stops being the entity with the highest consumption and addiction problems.”

What to say about what the Andrés/Claudia pairing said?: whatever the reader says. What to think about what the presidential candidate said, “…Guanajuato is the entity with the highest consumption and addiction problems”?: whatever the reader thinks. What can we say about the Morena candidate to govern Guanajuato, when she, after supporting the president’s statements, maintains: “If she said it, it is because she has data”?: nothing can be said.

History haunts us. In August, in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, five young people were murdered; In September, in Malpaso, Zacatecas, six were tortured and massacred. Now it was in Celaya.

The Andrés/Claudia couple represents the tip of the Morena iceberg. No one in the cabinet has shown their disagreement with what was stated by both, nor with the words of Mrs. Alcaraz.

Overlapping AMLO as his people do does not build, it destroys: Pedro, Fabián, Jesús, Bryan, Eduardo and Luis are dead. And with them their families. And with them, in other ways, their university classmates.

Pedro, Fabián, Jesús, Bryan, Eduardo and Luis. Celaya like Mexico. Mexico like Celaya.

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