Interior admitted in a report in November that the Civil Guard boats are “very old” and do not resist “onslaughts” from drug traffickers.

The fleet of the maritime service of the Civil Guard she is “very old”. These are the words with which the Interior defines the state of the vessels that agents use to fight against drug trafficking on the coasts of Cádiz.

This is stated in a supporting report from the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of the Civil Guard in which the reasons for the purchase of three new high-speed patrol boats are given.

“The Maritime Service of the Civil Guard currently has a very aging fleet of medium-sized high-speed boats since the third part of said fleet is around 20 years old, even surpassing them in some cases,” reads the document signed at the beginning of last November.

The report recognizes that the patrol cars used by agents are more than two decades old, when “the useful life of this type of naval means is 15 years”, something that reduces the safety conditions of workers.

Likewise, it is also indicated that “in many cases do not meet the necessary accommodation conditions for the services they provide and in addition, the hours of navigation carried out have exceeded those initially planned, forcing them to propose the necessary renewals required to their propulsion plants, both engines and hydrojets, discontinued in the case of the former.

The report also provides an account of recurring situations like the ones They ended the lives of two agents after ramming a drug boat into their patrol boat in the port of Barbate.

“It is also notable that these vessels are sometimes involved in pursuits with vessels used for the illicit trafficking of substances, which carry out attack maneuvers on the Civil Guard patrol boats. The violence of these actions makes it necessary for the hulls and structure of future vessels to be made of more resistant materials than those of the current fleet, which are made of GRP (Polyester reinforced with fiberglass). In addition, the useful life of an aluminum boat is around 20-25 years, a period much longer than the 15 years of useful life of a GRP boat,” the document states.

This supporting report ordered these new boats more resistant for an amount of 7.5 million euros without VAT. The minister Grande-Marlaska denied this Monday the lack of means ensuring that he is not “considering” resigning due to the murders of the agents and pointing out “the significant effort in investments, in material and personal means, made during these five years” of Government.

Six of those arrested for the murder of the two agents They are already in provisional prison, communicated and without bail. Each of these six detainees is being investigated for two crimes of murder, four crimes of attempted murder, six crimes of aggravated attack, one crime of smuggling and one crime of serious resistance to a law enforcement agent.


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