Israel besieges Gaza hospitals with snipers, whose health system has collapsed


The Gaza Ministry of Health denounces that Israeli forces have “deliberately” attacked 132 health centers and left 22 hospitals and 46 health centers out of service, in which there are almost 300 health workers.

An image taken from Rafah shows smoke billowing over Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip during an Israeli attack
Smoke in Khan Yunis, southern Strip.SAID KHATIB | AFP

He general director of pharmacy of the Gazan Ministry of Health, Ashraf Abu Mahdi, result wounded by Israeli snipers when he was trying to reach a warehouse to pick up medicines to deliver to hospitals in the Gaza Strip, where the health system has collapsedreported the Ministry itself.

“As soon as we arrived at the warehouses, we saw that there were snipers occupying a nearby place and they shot him, wounding him, along with the driver of the health services vehicle and a third person who was also injured,” Health reported in a statement.

According to him, “the occupation forces attacked the ambulance that went to evacuate them as soon as it arrived at the scene,” in a dynamic of attacks on health services that Palestinians have denounced since the beginning of the war, to which is added the almost total collapse of the health system itselfwhich Health warned again today.

According to the Palestinian Red Crescent emergency service, All hospitals in Gaza City and the northern Strip are out of service, and the medical personnel who remain in them try to care for the sick and injured as best they can, despite the lack of medicine or basic medical supplies.

The health centers in these areas are also under siege by the Army and at risk of being shot at by snipers.

“Snipers and Israeli forces are targeting anyone who tries to move in those areas. Neither rescue teams, ambulances nor humanitarian agencies can do anything because we do not have safe access,” a Red Crescent spokesperson told Efe.

This story coincides with the testimony of Mohamed Salha, a Palestinian who is at Al Awda Hospital in northern Gaza, where more than 250 people are trapped between medical personnel, the sick, injured and their families.

According to the complaint, the center has been surrounded by Israeli troops “and almost no one can move” nor inside, being especially dangerous to pass in front of the windows, in full view of snipers.

“Two of our colleagues were killed by sniper fire in recent days,” including a nurse, he said.

There is almost no food or water left, after Israel also attacked the water tanks of the hospital, which urgently needs food and drinking water, or help to evacuate, something that has not happened so far, he added.

Furthermore, according to the Ministry of Health, Some 9,000 cancer patients in Gaza have been unable to receive treatment for almost two months faced with the situation, just like hemophilia patients, another element that can cause the accelerated death of many civilians.

So far, according to the same source, Israeli forces have “deliberately” attacked 132 health centersleaving “22 hospitals and 46 health centers out of service”, while the Israeli attacks also caused the death of almost 300 members of health personnel.

First of all, Health called “to work immediately to provide medicines and fuel needed to operate Al Shifa hospital”the largest in Gaza, which was dismantled and evacuated weeks ago, after an Israeli raid to uncover what it considered to be Hamas tunnels and military infrastructure inside.

In recent days, health personnel have tried to reactivate the health center. According to Health, it represents “the only hope for the needs of the wounded and sick in northern Gaza.”

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