“It doesn’t even have to be the best car…”

Fernando Alonso has had his best season in Formula 1 since 2013. The Spaniard, in his first year with Aston Martin, finished fourth in the drivers’ championship with 206 points. With only 36 units less than what he added in his day with Ferrari in the runners-up ten years ago. His work, with the AMR23, It has been spectacular.

And it has achieved a total of eight podiums. He has been, after the two Red Bulls, the one who has obtained the most boxes in all of 2013 and has also managed to win the award for FIA Best Action for his last lap in Brazil with Sergio Pérez.

Everyone at Aston Martin is more than happy with Alonso. With what Alonso has contributed and is contributing to the team. Both in the good times and the not so good ones. With that motivation. With that energy. With that key factor that makes it so special within F1.

“Alonso is a fighter”

Because Fernando does not need to have the best of the best of machines to win. Because he, with what he has in his hands, gets the most out of it. Even his rivals know this, and they even place him above Verstappen and Hamilton due to his ability with non-competitive cars. This is the case of, for example, Robert Kubica.

Mike Krack, their boss at Aston Martin, is fully aware of the driver they signed in 2022. Of the driver who, from day one, has left speechless to everyone at Silverstone.

In words for ‘Sky Sports’, the boss of the British team recognizes this key factor of the Asturian: “It doesn’t even have to be the best of the best cars.

“But there is a very easy recipe to keep Fernando happy… which is giving him a fast car!” says.

And he confirms what everyone knows about Alonso: “He is a fighter, and the more competitive the happier the car will be.

We will see if in 2024 Aston Martin is able to solve the big problem and the big weakness of the car… with a somewhat low straight line speed.

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