“It has terrible advice on security issues”

Officers carrying out human resources and recruiting processes, poor work environment, lack of recognition of overtime on days off and problems with technology systems are some of the issues, so fOfficers of the Drug Control Police (PCD) sent a letter to the President of the Republic, Rodrigo Chaves Robles to request a meeting.

“Due to aspects such as the disproportionate increase in the number of intentional homicides in our country, the differences in the treatment of the problem of insecurity between powers of the Republic, the undeniable penetration of organized crime, as well as the many crimesallegations that have arisen from different sources about alleged links between drug trafficking and the Government of the Republicis that it becomes essential to address with special attention everything related to the fight against drug activity.

This communication to the presidential authority vested in your person is guided by this context.

We must begin by expressing the deepest repudiation and enormous disappointment on the part of the officers of the Drug Control Police, PCD, upon listening to you, Don Rodrigo, repeat inaccurate and offensive statements about the operation of said Police Corps.

Such circumstance, furthermore, exposes ignorance (understand the epithet from its correct meaning, and not as an insult) and the terrible advice on security issues that his person has.”, says the document that was addressed to the president dated January 10.

Therefore, they asked the president for a space for urgent dialogue so that can listen to the annoyances of people who are risking their lives in relation to the few resources they currently have.

Another of the most specific annoyances of the officers is the “change in operational strategy” where the PCD was removed from the borders with the apparent purpose of carrying out street work in regional headquarters; However the resource is being used for administrative work, mainly as bidders.

“The results it has generated to date moment the “change in operational strategy” that the current Vice Minister of Special Public Security Units improvised (it is worth the occasion to say that we are still waiting for the famous studies that have been invoked so much as the basis for the “change in strategy”) and future concerns (…)

For this reason, and due to our concern both about the advance of crime in Costa Rica, and about the management that the Ministry of Public Security is giving to the Drug Control Police, weWe speak directly to him, in his capacity as President of the Republic, so that he can listen to the officers who are in the field, analyze the situation and make the pertinent decisions.“, detailed the document.

However, said document “was ignored” by the presidenthe assured CRHoy.comJonathan Flores, National Director of the PCD section of the National Association of Public and Private Employees (ANEP-PCD).

This is why they held a press conference this morning where they denounced that the Executive Branch has not paid attention to the concerns of officials or the lack of resources that currently exists in the police force.

“If a country does not pay attention to the fight against drug trafficking and in this case to a police that was created for this, means that attention is being paid to other things”said Flores.

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