It’s a different person: the photos of Nancy Dupláa after having a cosmetic touch-up on her face

December 3 was not just another date in the life of Nancy Duplaa, who celebrated his 54th birthday and received multiple greetings. From close friends to his ex-partner, Matias Martinthey left him a gratifying affection on the networks.

Among so many stories and photos that Dupláa shared, one of hers appeared that shocked all her followers. Due to a new job she is doing in Netflixthe actress finds herself embodying a particular character.

In a film that has her as the protagonist along with Julieta Diaz and Carla Petersonwith whom he already worked in 100 days to fall in loveNancy is one of the figures of Don’t break me. There she shines alongside her colleagues and with a totally different image than the one she usually sees.

The comedy directed by Lombardy Blue, has as the main focus of the story two women who are fighting against their attacks of anger. In a collective effort, both join together to go against a plastic surgeon who puts their lives in danger.


To embody this character, Nancy had to undergo some aesthetic touch-ups that changed her figure. With blonde hair and her lips more voluminous than normal, she surprised everyone with her appearance that caused a lot of fury.

Among different celebrities who highlighted this success, Jimena Baron She was one of those who recommended it. “I love you Nancy Dupláa and Carla Peterson… laughing at the tension wires. See Don’t Break Me”explained La Cobra, who burst out laughing when he saw his colleagues perform.

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