“I’ve known him for a long time…”

Sergio Pérez has completed his best season in Formula 1. The Mexican, in his third year as a Red Bull driver, has finished runner-up in the world after an unbeatable Max Verstappen who has left everything the Aztec has achieved aboard the RB19. Because the Dutchman has had such a course that he would have won the title with the points added after the sprint in Belgium.

In a Grand Prix held in July, before the summer break. Because he won it all. Because from Miami he added ten consecutive victories. Because after the first four tests of the course he put the turbo towards his third title.

Until then, equality was maximum. From Bahrain to Baku, two wins for Max and two for Checo. For a Czech who was extremely excited in Mexico. To a country that saw that yes, they had the driver in the right car to conquer Formula 1.

But, suddenly, everything went to hell. And, again, many voices asked or are asking for the Mexican to say goodbye to Red Bull. The end of a relationship that began in 2021, after a year, after 2020, in which the Mexican managed the triumph with Racing Point. With the team that is now Aston Martin.

“I pushed a lot to bring him to Red Bull”

That was something that finally convinced Christian Horner. Because the Red Bull boss has spoken in ‘Motorsport’ about what he did to get the Aztec to sign with them.

“I’ve known Sergio for a long time, and I pushed hard to bring him to the team. “I had a great experience,” account.

And he talks about his work in the year of his debut: “He won four races for usand was key in the 2021 World Cup. “I think he justified his signing.”

What he is talking about happened in Abu Dhabi, with tremendous driving that put Hamilton in trouble and led to a situation for Lewis that ended his dream of an eighth World Cup. That left Verstappen in a situation to win his first title.

“We evaluate Gasly very well”

His rival for the position, for the seat at Red Bull, was Gasly: ​​”We evaluated him very well. His way of driving. Its strengths and weaknesses…”

Now, Pierre is in Alpine, and in case of a premature goodbye of Checo the energy drinks team already has Daniel Ricciardo… and also with others like Yuki Tsunoda and Alex Albon, currently at Williams.

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