Jenny Miranda’s daughter speaks out after her mother’s hospitalization: ‘Stop mimimi’

Bia Miranda talks about controversy involving her mother – Reproduction/Instagram

Jenny Miranda left his followers worried after making an outburst and appearing at a hospital. The former pedestrian shared Stories on her official Instagram profile during the early hours of this Wednesday (6). In the images, she appears in bed and states that she is fine.

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+ After allegedly making an attempt on her own life, Jenny Miranda appears in a hospital bed

“I’m in the hospital only accompanied by my mother. I’m in the emergency room, I’m fine so far. Passing by to reassure them”, he wrote. After the repercussion of the case, her daughter, Bia Miranda, spoke out, saying that she has been going through this type of situation since she was young.

“I’m 20 years old, but I’ve been going through this since I was seven. I think that a mother or father who is watching me now and has a child the same age, he must be learning to write, read and play… not me! At that age, I was witnessing a moment like that”, she highlighted, saying that she lost count of how many times she has been desperate in similar situations.

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“So, it’s nothing more than everything I’ve been through, experienced. Today, I’m here with my family, with people who love me. I came here without any war. I just came to give an explanation, because I’m public and we owe satisfaction to those who like us and even those who don’t like us.”explained Bia, writing in the caption that she doesn’t want “fights and arguments”, asking everyone to stop the “mimimi”.

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Bia Miranda talks about her mother – Reproduction/Instagram

Jenny Miranda’s outburst

Before appearing at the hospital, Jenny Miranda published a video venting. She appeared in tears, quite shaken after the end of her marriage to Fábio Gontijo. “Guys, what I’ve been through so far has been a lot of humiliation. I’ve been through a lot of humiliation, I’m tired. Humiliation, for example, post-Fazenda… I’m very tired. Everything is over for me, I have no reason to be here anymore. No more career, no more husband, no more children.”he said, worrying internet users.

+ After allegedly making an attempt on her own life, Jenny Miranda appears in a hospital bed

Jenny went on to say that she was “letting it all go” and that her son would “grow up better without her.” “I love my son very much and I don’t want him to grow up with all this on top of me. His little friends saying his mother is a disgrace. I’m not that bad. I’m not that bad person they’re portraying me to be.”she stated, quite shaken.

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