João Hadad shows “gratitude notebook” that Luana Andrade wrote before she died in surgery

João Hadad (Reproduction: Instagram)
João Hadad (Reproduction: Instagram)

This Saturday (9), an exciting video began to circulate in which the digital influencer and businessman João Hadad shows the “Gratitude Notebook” made by his fiancée, Luana Andrade, who recently passed away during liposuction surgery. The stage assistant for the Celso Portiolli, on SBT, had several cardiac arrests and couldn’t resist. The couple had participated in ‘Power Couple Brasil 6’, a couples reality show on Record.

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João said that Luana expressed her gratitude through her diary for small gestures and everyday moments: thanking her for the food, for waking up and for being able to pay her bills. The practice of gratitude became a unique and special way for her to approach life.

+ João Hadad, Luana Andrade’s fiancé, pays tribute to his stage assistant a month after her death

“Man, look how cute he is. In addition to saying her prayer in the morning, she also wrote down everything she was grateful for. I have a little notebook she wrote down and I’ll show it to you. She was grateful for the house, for the bed, for the blanket, for having slept well, for waking up, for health, for having had bad physical exercise, for health, for relationships, for work. Anyway. This is very beautiful. For paying her bills, for being able to pay for the things she likes, family. Man, every day was a different thank you”, declared João Hadad, in the video published last Thursday (7). He received a lot of support in the comments.

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Recent tribute from João to Luana Andrade

It is worth remembering that last Thursday, João used social media to pay tribute to Luana Andrade after completing one month since his beloved’s death: “A month without my princess Lu in this plan. Since her departure, I chose to give new meaning to this pain, bringing back special memories of her, especially the act of giving thanks daily. Despite the nostalgia, a part of me smiles when I see how I managed to incorporate such a unique habit of hers into my daily life. I was surprised and even happier to see that you were also impacted by this custom.”he began.

+ João Hadad opens up about his routine after the death of his girlfriend Luana Andrade: ”I’m not going to give up”

“This journey does not lessen the pain, but strengthens Lu’s purpose and memory. She was always light, wisdom and love. Today, she continues to help us in her own unique way, inspiring us to be stronger, kinder, and more grateful. Lu, her presence lives in every smile, in every reflection. Thank you for guiding us, we continue to learn a lot from you, princess. I love you forever”concluded João.

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