John Lennon’s 50-year-old Grammy Award to be auctioned

The auction house, Gotta Have Rock and Roll, put up for sale one of the Grammy awards which the late artist John Lennon received in 1972, which will be auctioned on December 16.

This was reported by Infobae, TMZ and Daily Mail. According to international media, the prize that will be auctioned This is the Grammy Trustee Award that each member of The Beatles obtained.

This award is given to artists for their work within the industry. Celebrities such as Quincy Jones, Frank Sinatra, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney have also received this recognition.

Infobae pointed out that the figure is expected reach 500 thousand dollars. Currently, the price remains at 220 thousand dollars.

Lennon was not very happy with the award he received at that time and he wanted to return it to the then president of the Grammys. According to Infobae and TMZ, at that time, he told him: “I’m not a Beatle anymore, you can keep it.”

However, since then the award It has been in the hands of a close friend of the artist.

It is not known with certainty the reason why the prize will be auctioned this Saturday.

Daily Mail noted that there are other objects related to the former Beatle that are going to be auctioned: Handwritten song lyrics, the 1965 US tour contract, an autographed set list from 1963, his glasses and more.

On the other hand, Infobae pointed out that the auction house also there is a 14k gold money clip with diamonds from Elvis Presley and a 2004 demo CD signed by Taylor Swift.

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