Jojo Todynho reveals what his priority was when he started making money from fame: “My first money was 600 reais”

Jojo Todynho - Photo: Instagram
Jojo Todynho – Photo: Instagram

This Wednesday (6), a strong interview that the singer Jojo Todynhoaged 26, conceded saying that she used all the money she earned at the beginning of her career to spend with her grandmother who raised her, Rita Maria79. The internet and funk star said she earned less than a thousand reais and also revealed what she helped her family matriarch buy.

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“My first money was 600 reais. Then I bought a kitchen cabinet for my grandmother. Then, I advertised something just as I was starting out, then I earned 3 thousand reais, and I bought a sofa, that beautiful, retractable sofa. I bought it for my grandmother and gave it to her for her birthday.”said Jojo, in a chat with influencer and actress Patrícia Ramos, 23.

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Then, Jojo Todynho revealed that, even after earning a lot more money from fame, he still prioritized Rita. According to the celebrity, her manager even encouraged her to buy a luxurious house in Barra de Tijuca, West Zone, in Rio de Janeiro, but she took a different attitude than usual for people who achieve success.

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“Time passed, I burst out with ‘What Shot Was That?’ and then I remember at the time that my manager, my ex-manager [falou]: ‘no, let’s go to Barra and buy a penthouse’. And I told him: ‘Of course not. I’m going to renovate my grandmother’s entire house.”said Jojo.

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Jordana, her non-stage name, explained why she made a point of prioritizing her grandmother in everything: “My grandmother is already in her 70s. If I don’t do it now, I won’t be able to do it anymore. I still have a lot of time to make money. Then I went and renovated my grandmother’s house. Then I went, bought my little things, bought my car, my apartment”reported the digital and musical artist.

As the video went viral again on a gossip page on Instagram, this Wednesday, actress and presenter Tata Werneck, 40, gave her opinion regarding Jojo Todynho’s attitude and reported that she had the same attitude towards her grandmother, revealing her nickname: “My Denguinho was all that to me too”she declared.

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