Jon Rahm’s big leap: playing the LIV Golf that he rejected so much


The Spaniard finally accepts the dizzying offer of more than 550 million dollars and leaves the PGA Tour

Jon Rahm, in a file image.
Jon Rahm, in a file image.EFE

It’s official now, Jon Rahm He is a new LIV Golf player. The Spaniard, at 29 years old, becomes the great and long-awaited signing of the Saudi tour which, with the presence of the Barrika golfer in its ranks, puts all the pressure on the PGA Tour to reach the agreement that both parties should have signed before next December 31.

Practically since the beginning of LIV Golf, rumors of the possible incorporation of the winner of the Augusta Masters 2023 have spread periodically. However, the Spaniard has always clearly marked his position of loyalty to the PGA Tour. This is my official response, the only time I will talk about this, where I am officially declaring my loyalty to the PGA Tour, expressed in 2022, challenging the first rumors.

His closeness and connection with Phil Mickelson, the first signing and initial driving force of the LIV Golf, continued to fuel doubts. Both players are represented by the same company (Steve Loy), but the Spaniard’s entourage has always denied a possible escape by Rahm.

Even the Basque went further during the 2022 US Open, with a categorical statement that ruled out any attempt to join the multi-million dollar Saudi circuit. Three days for me is not a golf tournament, and without a cut. It’s that simple. I want to play against the best in the world in a format that has been around for hundreds of years. The Spaniard went further: Yes, money is great, but when Kelly And I saw what was happening and we started talking about it, we thought: ‘Will our lifestyle change if I win 400 million dollars?’ No, don’t change anything. I could retire right now with what I’ve done and live a very happy life and never play golf again. Actually, I have never played for financial reasons. I do it for the love of this sport and I want it to be against the best in the world. I’ve always been interested in history and legacy, and right now the PGA Tour owns all of that. There is a meaning when you win certain tournaments and that matters a lot to me, I reiterated.

Well, it seems that Jon will end up playing 54 holes and in Bermuda shorts, at least this year and waiting for the more than ever long-awaited agreement to be closed between the PIF (Public Investment Foundation of Saudi Arabia) and the PGA Tour that would somehow allow a minimum connection. of Rahmbo with the great events of the American Circuit. Rahm’s future competition in the Ryder Cup also depends on this possible agreement, since to participate in the biennial competition Rahm would have to maintain his status as a member of the DP World Tour as before, something that in the current circumstances of confrontation between the LIV and the European Circuit seemed unviable.

Although the Spaniard is now going to play a circuit that does not count towards the world ranking, with respect to his presence in majors, Rahm can rest easy for at least the next four years. With the green jacket won last April, Jon is guaranteed a lifetime presence at Augusta National and the current number 3 in the world would have room to play all the majors at least over the next four years.

Jon Rahm’s change of mind has been greatly influenced by the dizzying economic offer of the Saudi LIV. The Spaniard will become the highest paid golfer in the LIV, with an approximate amount of more than 550 million dollars (as reported The Telegraph) as a signing fee (the contract is until 2029), above other players who left the PGA Tour, Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson. In August 2022 there was talk that the new league financed by the government of Saudi Arabia offered between 700 and 800 million dollars to Tiger Woods to try to add to its project. Rahm will join other Spaniards like Sergio García, Eugenio Chacarra or David Puig who made the jump to the Super League promoted by the Saudi sheikhs.

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