Juan Pablo Adame, PAN politician and son of former governor Marco Adame, dies – Hermosillo Hoy

Juan Pablo Adame, PAN politician, dies at the age of 38 after fighting cancer

Juan Pablo Adame, politician and member of the National Action Party (PAN), died at the age of 38 after a long fight against stomach cancer.

His father, the former governor of Morelos, Marco Adame Castilloconfirmed the news through social networks.

«With deep pain and hope in eternal life, together with his family, my wife and my children, I share with you that my son @JuanPabloAdame rests in peace. We thank God for his life #UnaVidaBienVivida We entrust ourselves to his prayers.

Juan Pablo Adamewho was diagnosed with cancer in April 2022, he managed to fulfill his dream of being a senator for a daythanks to Miguel Ángel Mancerawho gave him his seat.

During his brief time in the Senate, Adame presented two legislative initiatives in favor of cancer patients and took the opportunity to call for prevention and awareness about this disease.

Just a few days ago, Senator Josefina Vazquez Mota read in the Senate a letter from Adame, who was in palliative care, titled “A glass of cold water” in which the also young father reflected on the value of life.

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