June 9: Andalusia Elections

The candidates for 19J in Andalusia show their concern about the Sierra Bermeja fire

The forest fire that has burned more than 2,000 hectares in Sierra Bermeja, in the province of Málaga, has eclipsed the seventh day of the Andalusian electoral campaign. The president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, and also other candidates such as that of the PSOE, Juan Espadas, have traveled there; from Ciudadanos, Juan Marín; and from Vox, Macarena Olona, ​​who have been interested in the operations carried out; while the leaders of Por Andalucía, Inma Nieto, and Adelante Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, have preferred to “let those who know work” and not be “a hindrance.” “The fire is not put out by candidates taking photos,” Rodríguez pointed out.

The opposition parties have pointed the finger at the Board for this event. Espadas has regretted the Board’s “lack of foresight and work well done” and has denounced that the Government’s actions “completely lack” prevention actions such as cleaning forests in winter. While Rodríguez has accused Moreno of use climate denialism in the lack of protection of the forest area of ​​Andalusia which, in his opinion, causes these events to occur. On the other hand, Nieto has invited that the “reflections” generated by this fire be addressed once it has concluded.

24 hours – The Andalusian electoral campaign, marked by the fire in Sierra Bermeja – Listen now

Thus, with the fire in the background, the bulk of the candidates’ electoral events have been moved to the afternoon, all on a day in which the Andalusian Electoral Board (JEA) has decreed that the PP’s social media campaign in the what is includedan image of Moreno with Felipe VIand which was denounced by the PSOE, violates the Organic Law of the Electoral Regime (LOREG).

Compare the electoral programs of 19J

The candidates for the Andalusian elections: Juan Espadas (PSOE), Juanma Moreno (PP), Juan Marín (Cs), Macarena Olona (Vox), Inma Nieto (Por Andalucía) and Teresa Rodríguez (Adelante Andalucía). RTVE.es

RTVE.es makes available a comparator of electoral programs of the main parties running in the Andalusian elections. Check it here.

Espadas (PSOE) accuses Moreno of “opening the door” to Vox

This Thursday, the PSOE candidate suspended part of his agenda for the seventh day of the Andalusian electoral campaign, which he had planned to carry out entirely in Almería, and has reduced it to an event in the late afternoon. There, Espadas has accused Moreno of “endangering” the rights of Andalusia for having agreed and “opening the door” to the extreme right of Vox, of which he has said that “They are scary, they are the past and NoDo in black and white.”

Previously, in statements to the media, Espadas has assessed that a “turning point” in his campaign “is visible” after the “great event” he shared last Sunday with the President of the Government and Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez. The socialist leader added that, “indeed, this is a sensation that is generating that rising tide effect that probably became more visible over the weekend”, after which it was “demonstrated, first, that the PSOE is absolutely prepared for these elections, which is cohesive, strong, united and very focused on what is important.

Moreno (PP) calls for the transfer of PSOE votes to “stop” Vox

For his part, the president of the Board and candidate of the PP called this Thursday on voters who opted for the PSOE in the last 2018 elections to opt for their ballot on June 19, as he understands that many of these citizens value his management and see him as only option to concentrate the vote to “stop” Vox. Moreno has participated in an event on fishing in Fuengirola (Málaga), where he told journalists that he believes he has “a clear option” to govern alone, “without his hands tied”, if these vote-catching forecasts come true. , where some surveys give him a transfer of up to 16%.

The ‘popular’ leader has urgedsearch for “the useful vote”, which in his opinion only represents him as a “moderate” and “inclusive” option. “If that happens it means that I have a good chance of governing alone,” he said.

Marín (Cs), convinced that the coalition will be reissued

While the Ciudadanos candidate insisted this Thursday that the coalition government will be “reissued” because he “trusts” the “intelligence of the Andalusians and their ability to know how to differentiate the political brand from what, in reality, those responsible we are ahead we have done.” In an interview at CopeMarín has assured that Ciudadanos is prepared “to be able to continue” and that both he and Moreno aspire “to continue four more years.”

“We have gotten along very well, there has been no coalition government in this country, nor probably in Europe, more loyal, more committed and with more dialogue than this one,” he stated, later admitting that Ciudadanos would only form a government with the PP: “I want to repeat the government with the PP; with Vox I cannot reach agreements, not because I don’t like anyone, but because I don’t share their ideas. Don’t count on me,” he stressed before also clarifying that with the PSOE candidate , “not even to mass.”

    Closing of the PSOE campaign in Seville

    Closing of the PP campaign in Seville

Nieto (Por Andalucía) criticizes Moreno’s “hypocritical speech” regarding agriculture

The Por Andalucía candidate was very critical of the president of the Board this Thursday. Nieto has described as “hypocritical” the speech of the regional government and Moreno with agriculture and the primary sector, lamenting the “invisibility” of food handlers. “If these women stop, the rest of us won’t eat. That is the importance of manipulation. And that there are 30,000 people who have not had the slightest encouragement from the Andalusian Government, being in conditions (…) that were objectively unequal, tremendously unfair and, of course, illegal. It can’t be,” he stressed.

Nieto held a meeting with processing workers in Aguadulce, Roquetas de Mar, where he said that the Government of the Junta de Andalucía has to be aware that “taking care of the primary sector means also thinking about who works the land, who packages , they manipulate production, those who distribute them, they take them to the places where we buy them, who places them….” “That is, the chain is full of workers who need decent conditions,” he summarized, underlining his commitment.

Olona (Vox), about Moreno: “He only thinks about his public chair”

The reaction of the head of the Vox list to Moreno’s words about “stopping” his party has not been long in coming. In his opinion, “It is not about stopping, but about Andalusia starting“, she expressed in a message on her Twitter account. The Vox candidate believes that, to achieve this goal, “we must remove the burden of the politicians and parties that want to push her back,” in reference to Moreno, because in his opinion “he only thinks about his public chair and not about the well-being of the Andalusians.”

Rodríguez (Adelante Andalucía): “The right governs because the left-wing voter stayed at home”

And this Thursday Rodríguez called for the mobilization of left-wing voters, whether or not they vote for his party. “The right governs because the left-wing voter stayed at home in 2008,” he said, and he hoped to convey “the important idea of stop the right and the extreme right with a plural offer” on the left.

In an interview on RNE, he pointed out that, in the last elections, “There were 600,000 Andalusians who decided not to vote for the PSOE” and “perhaps it is useful to look for other political spaces and expand the bases of the left.” Thus, he has assured that “there must be people who are not very happy” with the Government of Pedro Sánchez or who “do not trust the PSOE after 36 years of consecutive government” in Andalusia without having “resolved the structural problems” of this land. and with “very harsh cases of corruption.” “They have to have an alternative on the left and we offer them that space,” he stated.

The Electoral Board decrees that the PP campaign with the king violates the law

Finally, on this seventh day of the campaign, the resolution of the Andalusian Electoral Board (JEA) regarding the PP’s social media campaign was announced, which included an image of its candidate Juanma Moreno alongside Felipe VI, which was denounced. by the PSOE. The organization has decreed that it violates the Organic Law of the Electoral Regime (LOREG), so demands that this party withdraw.

After learning of the ruling, the ‘popular’ leader admitted that it was “a mistake” by the campaign teams that he did not know about and explained that he does not like “using the symbols of the State” and much less the king’s. While Espadas has urged the JEA to stop recommending in its resolutions and start sanctioning: “How long will it take for the Electoral Board to stop giving advice and start sanctioning?” He asked himself.

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