Júnior Lima opens up about the phase after the end of the duo with Sandy: “very difficult”

Junior Lima
Júnior Lima – Photo: TV Globo

The singer Junior Lima He opened his heart during his participation in the program ‘Domingão’, led by Luciano Huck and shown this past Sunday, December 10, on TV Globo. In conversation with the presenter, the musician confessed to having gone through difficult times after the end of the duo with his sister Sandy.

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For the first time in his career, Junior Lima opened up and, in addition to commenting on his new project as a solo singer, he commented on the dramas of the past. “I had a very difficult phase, which was allowing emotions to enter. Until then, I shielded myself a lot and ignored the things I felt.“, said.

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The musician also revealed that after the end of his partnership with his sister, without the heavy routine of shows, he needed a lot of reflection and introspection. “I thought everything was fine, everything was always very good. I took it very lightly, thinking that I wouldn’t feel the side effects. And then, when the duo ended, things hit hard. Then, I had a period of panic syndrome. I had a very difficult phase“, he said.

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Still in the chat with Luciano Huck, Junior confessed that the new solo project is transformative because he has always escaped the protagonist position. “I did a lot of analysis. Since then, I have taken [esse tempo] to have the courage to face a job like this, to do work as a singer. I always ended up running away from this place a little“, said.

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I was always a musician, a producer. The singing part was a very small percentage. I didn’t want to be the protagonist. I was always behind some instrument, within a context where I felt safer“, he still highlighted. Finally, Huck also contributed to the reflection, pointing out that “the solo project is a bit of your healing, of perhaps being able to manage your mental health. It is an act of courage. It’s the face“.

Watch the video of him singing:

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