Karol Conká remembers the cancellation of ‘BBB21’

Karol Conká was a guest on the program ‘Assim como a Gente’ – Reproduction GNT

One of the most controversial participants of ‘Big Brother Brasil’, Karol Conká participated this Friday (08) in ‘Assim Como a Gente’, a program led by Fátima Bernardes on GNT. The singer left ‘BBB21’ with the highest rejection rate in the history of the Globo reality show.

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In a chat with Fátima Bernardes, Karol recalled the episode, when he left the reality show with 99.17% of the public’s votes, and told how he dealt with the situation. “At 37 years old, I am calmer. Also, after going through all that in 2021, I became calmer”, she began.

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The singer said she learned from the situation. “I have great pleasure in learning from my mistake. It was with an exercise of compassion and empathy that I managed to dissolve the anguish I felt for being rejected, not only by an entire Brazil, that I also learned that I can’t say ‘a whole Brazil’, because this country is too big, but the biggest rejection I had to deal with was mine, that was the one that hurt the most”, he analyzed.

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Karol also answered a question from the audience about solo and early motherhood. She discovered at age 19 that she was pregnant, but did not want to maintain the relationship with the father of her child. “People judged, asked ‘why isn’t the child’s father with the child?’, ‘who left who’. I said that no one left anyone, we have a partnership,” she said.

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She also highlighted that she had depression and just wanted to live for her son. “I was out of action for five years, I had postpartum depression, and it was a depression that I just wanted to take care of my son. His things were always impeccable, mine were all abandoned, I didn’t see the fun in life and I just wanted to live for him. When he turned five, I went back on the road and, even so, I felt like a crazy mother for not being with him, because society demands that”, revealed the singer.

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