Key Alves undergoes breast surgery and says: ”New phase”

Key Alves (Photo: Instagram)

The digital influencer, former volleyball player and former BBB participant, Key Alves, 23 years old, decided to completely change his look and impressed his fans. Previously, she had already commented to her followers that she was going to have silicone implants in the breast area. The former athlete also stated that she chose to undergo the procedure because of a new job.

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On her official Instagram Stories account, the celebrity shared more details about her surgery. The former sister revealed that she is in a new phase of her life, which is why she decided to get implants. She also confesses that she will soon share with her fans what her new venture will be.

Key wrote the following: “I love myself first! But I decided to get silicone because of a new phase in my life where, soon, I will reveal to you that I will need it and I will feel better with my new job like this. So tomorrow I’ll show you everything arriving at the hospital”, declared the young woman.

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Soon after, the internet content creator pointed out that this was her first surgery in her life. He asks for prayers and positive energy so that everything goes well during the procedure: “It’s the first surgery in my life, but if God allowed it, I will always be by his side. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts, guys. I love you forever, keychains”communicated.

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After the implantation of the prosthetics, Key still appeared under the influence of medication in his Stories and even so he reported that he was feeling a lot of pain. She explained: ”Guys, the surgery is finished, I still can’t say much, but I want to thank you for all your support. I’m feeling a lot of pain, a lot of pain”, he said. Check out some moments below!

Stories by Key Alves (Photo: Instagram)

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