Kim Jong-un tearfully asks North Korean women to have more children

A Kim Jong-un with his head bowed he listens attentively to the speech of a woman in the National Meeting of Mothers, which has not been held for 11 years. As the congress develops, the all-powerful leader becomes excited. Without taking his eyes off his table for a second, he makes gestures of restraint that show that the words of a woman who intervened in the event have moved him.

The supreme leader He holds on until he can’t take it anymore and collapses. Quickly, wipes his eyes with a white handkerchief and continues without looking up. It seems that, as the all-powerful man of North Korea, he tries to maintain his fortitude. Although it is late, his tears have already been shed before a massive meeting with women from his country.

Furthermore, many of the attendees realize the moment and they begin to cry openly alongside the dictator. The question is in the air, would Kim Jong-un be remembering his mother? A woman who entails one of North Korea’s greatest enigmas. Nobody knows, for sure, who she is. It is believed that she would be Ko Yong-Hui, a woman of Japanese origins.

With emotion running high, Kim Jong-un took advantage of this congress to ask women to have more children, and thus stop the low birth rate that already affects the Asian nation. A problem that, according to the UN, has decreased constantly in the last 10 years.

This is not the first time that the ruler has become publicly emotional. Last year, saying goodbye to his mentor, he almost brought tears to his eyes and on that occasion we could also see him drying his eyes with a white handkerchief. Another moment, three years ago at a military parade. While he was giving his speech, on his face you can see that attempt at restraint to not get emotional.

This time, both soldiers and parade attendees allowed themselves to be invaded by the moment and the emotion, while, with open tears, they listened to their leader. Also in 2020, Kim Jong-un became emotional while he apologized to the population, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. for not having led his country better in the midst of the global health crisis.

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