Land and Passion: Antônio freaks out and is hospitalized after Agatha’s murder

Antônio is admitted to Terra e Paixão
Antônio is admitted to Terra e Paixão – Photo: TV Globo

The soap opera ‘Earth and Passion‘ continues to catch fire on the TV Globo screen in its final stretch and after the death of Agatha La Selva (Eliane Giardini), Antonio he will go into an outbreak due to the poisons he was receiving from his dead wife, and will be taken by Caio (Cauã Reymond) to the Nova Primavera hospital.

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In this case, the villain will not be very happy with his son’s attitude and will say: “Where are you taking me? I don’t want to go, I want to have dinner with the children… Angelina, you’re crying, why? Crying doesn’t solve anything. Besides, this is a horrible mess! Who was it that littered my living room with that pile of manure?“, he will question.

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Following the scene, Antônio arrives at the city’s medical unit, but refuses to sit in the wheelchair, stating that it is a horse. “No one is going to force me to ride a bad-ass saddle like this one! Who didn’t do the job right? Take me out of here! Take me out of here“, he will say, in the episode this Friday, December 8th, according to ‘gshow’.

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As mentioned above, Agatha was murdered last night (07), and today we will see the consequences of the macabre and mysterious house involving the villain’s death. It is worth remembering that many characters in the noble plot are suspected of the crime: Angelina (Inez Viana), Antônio (Tony Ramos), Gentil (Flávio Bauraqui) Hélio (Rafael Vitti), Irene (Gloria Pires), Jussara (Tatiana Tiburcio), Luigi (Rainer Cadete) and Ramiro (Amaury Lorenzo).

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