Land and Passion: Ramiro betrays Antônio and suffers cruel revenge

Ramiro in Land and Passion
Ramiro in Land and Paixão – Photo: TV Globo

The soap opera ‘Earth and Passion‘ continues to catch fire on the TV Globo screen and in the next chapters of the plot written by Walcyr Carrasco, Ramiro (Amaury Lorenzo) will end up cheating Antonio La Selva (Tony Ramos), entering the crosshairs of the villain who will take cruel revenge on the henchman.

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According to the summaries of ‘Land and Paixão’, Ramiro will show that he can, indeed, transform and change sides in the dispute between Antônio X Aline (Barbara Reis). This is because the farmer’s foreman will end up saving the girl from a kidnapping carried out by him at the behest of the boss.

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However, the price of his attitude against the villain could be paid by Ramiro in a very worrying way. According to the summaries of the last chapters of December, the foreman will suffer cruel revenge from Antônio and will be at risk of dying.

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Still according to the information, Kelvin (Diego Martins), upon meeting him, will come to think that he has become a widower, bursting into tears. See more details on the soap opera summaries for the month of December.

More about Amaury Lorenzo, Ramiro from ‘Land and Passion’

It is worth remembering that, recently, Amaury celebrated with joy the success that his character in the nine o’clock soap opera has been having and, after receiving a 10 from a columnist from the newspaper ‘O Globo’, he celebrated on Instagram: “Gratitude @colunapatriciakogut. I’m an actor. Actor. It’s a lot of struggle, it’s a lot of work. Never give up. Never doubt our work. Ramiro is a gift. A gift from @fabiozambroni. A gift from @walcyrcarrasco. It’s been a 25-year career. Without my family it wouldn’t be possible. Without my faith it wouldn’t be possible. Without my devotion to Our Lady of Fátima it would not be possible. Without this giant and incredible team from Terra and Paixão it would not be possible. Without the public it wouldn’t be possible. Without all the no’s I received it wouldn’t be possible. Never give up, my friends. Never give up. Ramiro, I love you“, he wrote.

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