Leonor Benedetto decompensated while conducting an interview in Mar del Plata: the details of her health

Leonor Benedetto
Leonor Benedetto

Leonor Benedetto He had a transient ischemia last Saturday in Mar del Plata. As far as he could know Teleshow, was while giving an interview on a morning program on Radio Brisas. The actress had speech difficulties and she was taken to a medical center, where she remained under observation until Sunday noon. She is out of danger and tonight she will resume her theatrical activity.

The artist who is spending time on the coast with Lost Mind -by José María Muscari-, was invited to the station’s studio to review her career and also to promote the work in which she stars alongside Iliana Calabro, Mirta Wons, Ana María Picchio and Emilia Mazer.

Those close to the actress said that this is not the first time she has experienced an episode of these characteristics, which is why she was immediately transferred to the hospital, where she was left for observation and studies were performed that came back good. On Sunday she was discharged from the hospital and, although she was in perfect health, the production determined that she rest and recover for tonight’s performance of the play for which she recently won an award. Starfish as best dramatic comedy.

The same Saturday, the theater released an official statement about Leonor Benedetto’s health: “Teatro Atlas/Mar del Plata. Tonight the role of Mrs. Leonor Benedetto in the play Lost Mind will be covered by the actress Laura Espinolain the face of a health condition that affects the first one,” they indicated that same day about the replacement that the actress had.

The theater's statement on Leonor Benedetto's health
The theater’s statement on Leonor Benedetto’s health

Teleshow He contacted the theater producer Carlos Rottemberg, who detailed the episode that Leonor Benedetto had. “She was on Radio Brisas making a note on the air and suddenly He stated that the words did not come out, he was fully aware. They called the emergency service from the radio and we ended up at the La Comunidad private hospital, where the studies were done,” he highlighted.

Meanwhile, he indicated that the episode that the actress suffered was a “transient ischemia, something that simply requires medication and future observation.” “But It was fine once the episode was over.“, the businessman was calm.

He also reported that at all times the actress “was lucid” and did not lose consciousness. She was hospitalized for observation on Saturday, she had a tomography and other studies that came back good. And on Sunday the producer himself went to look for her when she received the medical discharge. “Since he was resting from the theater on Monday, it was decided, but not due to medical advice, that he would not work on Sunday either, something that he would be joined on Saturday, the day of the sanatorium, on Sunday he would rest and on Monday also until today (Tuesday), which he resumed in its usual way,” explained Rottemberg.

In "Lost Mind" Leonor Benedetto shares a cast with Iliana Calabró, Mirta Wons, Ana María Picchio and Emilia Mazer (Photo: Instagram @leonorbenedetto_ok)
In “Lost Mind” Leonor Benedetto shares a cast with Iliana Calabro, Mirta Wons, Ana María Picchio and Emilia Mazer (Photo: Instagram @leonorbenedetto_ok)

On the other hand, Iliana Calabro also spoke with Teleshow and the first thing he did was clarify that it was not a stroke, as had been reported in some media. “She missed the Saturday and Sunday performances. Beyond being discharged, it seemed pertinent to us that she join in with her rest on Monday. Thus today it resumes, God willing, in the Altas de Mar del Plata. Be careful, it was not a stroke as stated. María Laura Espínola has opportunely replaced all of us,” said her castmate about the actress who is in charge of taking the place of the different protagonists when required.

Mirta Wons -also castmate of en Lost Mind– said to Teleshow that “Leonor is great”. “She got dizzy, her blood pressure dropped during a note. He is a person who is over 80 years old and it is logical that they take him to the guard“said the actress.

“He was kept under observation and that’s it, he had a replacement. Yesterday, Monday, we didn’t have a function, we had rest. Today she is back in function,” she said in the same vein as the other testimonies that Teleshow collected about the health episode that Leonor Benedetto had.

AND José María Muscaridirector of the play, also clarified that it was not a stroke. “It’s perfect”stated about the actress who this Tuesday resumes her work activity.

Days ago, upon receiving the Estrella de Mar award for the play, Muscari had congratulated his protagonists through an emotional post on his social networks. “I love them for being excellent actresses and for being good people on and off stage. The five of them are tireless workers. Every night they give everything on stage, they give themselves body and soul, they give love in a creative way,” highlighted the theater director.

The work "Lost Mind" won an Estrella de Mar award for best dramatic comedy (Photo: Instagram @josemariamuscari)
The play “Lost Mind” won an Estrella de Mar award for best dramatic comedy (Photo: Instagram @josemariamuscari)

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