Leonor Benedetto had a stroke in Mar del Plata

The actress suffered a stroke. (Photo: Télam)

Leonor Benedetto He had a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) last Saturday while conducting an interview in Mar del Plata. She was hospitalized, but she is out of danger.

Carmen Barbieri announced the news in Very morning (eltrece) and told the symptoms that the actress presented before being hospitalized urgently. “He was on a radio and started slurring his words.”he explained with the help of a doctor present, who confirmed that it is one of the clearest signs of a stroke.

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Leonor Benedetto is in Mar del Plata starring in Lost Mind, the success of José María Muscari. (Photo: Instagram / leonorbenedetto_ok)

Fortunately, during the interview they were able to realize what was happening and took action quickly. “They called the emergency room immediately and she was hospitalized for a few days until she recovered and left the clinic.”added Estefi Berardi.

For his part, Lucas Bertero spoke with José María Muscari and Iliana Calabró, the director and one of the actresses of Lost Mind, the play in which he stars in Mar del Plata, and they gave more information about his return to work after hospitalization. “She immediately recovered, on Sunday she was discharged and On Monday he wanted to go do the show, but they told him to take the day, and today he wants to do the show.”, revealed the panelist.

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“It was mild, it’s very good”Bertero stated regarding the state of health of the actress, who is expected to resume her work activities in the coming days.

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