López Obrador celebrates the return of Samuel García to the Government of Nuevo León

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has celebrated the solution to the conflict in Nuevo León with the legal return of Samuel García as elected governor. Although he still has doubts about the possible sanctions that the neolonian may face for usurpation of functions, because he held office for two days without the approval of the local Congress, the president has assured that the chapter is closed. The days of uncertainty that captured the public eye due to the crisis of ungovernability in the State have been described by the president as “pure politicking.” In passing, he has questioned the actions of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) in the case. “They already resolved what happened in Nuevo León and it was not the Court, it was the Congress. It’s already been resolved. “It’s good that there is already an agreement,” the Mexican president applauded. Everything seems to return to its cause, the security tables between the two levels of Government have already been reestablished and after reaffirming his support, López Obrador is preparing a visit to the entity on December 16 to inaugurate the “El Cuchillo II” hydraulic work.

López Obrador has spoken on the issue without question in his morning conference this Tuesday. The dissemination and reactions that occurred due to the political crisis in one of the most prosperous states in the country have been minimized by the president: “You have already seen how much propaganda of instability is going to scare away investment in Nuevo León. Nothing happened, it was already resolved,” he said. Meanwhile, he has closed the possibility of new judicial proceedings for the two days that the Neolonian governed without having the authorization of the local Legislature, which led him to seek protection to avoid being arrested for usurpation of functions. In addition, the president took the opportunity to replicate his story about last Friday night when the Supreme Court ordered Luis Enrique Orozco to take office as interim governor and eliminated any attempt to make a new appointment.

“Do you think the Court can sanction Samuel for usurpation of functions?” they asked him.

—No, not anymore. Yes, Minister (Javier) Laynez was awake on Friday night, that had not been seen, he was on duty. I saw everything lit up at 11 at night, it’s always dark, but they weren’t there—he responded.

A day before, the president warned of the intention of the opposition in the northern entity to remove García from his position, he even spoke of a possible coup d’état in the face of the threat of extending his process to return to his position and the accusations from the Neolonian about a supposed list of perks in exchange for a smooth return.

What happened from the request for a six-month license, which the governor requested to participate in the 2024 elections as a presidential candidate of the Citizen Movement, to the renunciation of his aspiration to continue governing Nuevo León have been disqualified by the president. “It’s pure politicking and gossip, they just scandalize and upset people.” López Obrador was not only aware of the neolonian’s presidential aspiration, he was the one who revealed it even though García had ruled out participating in the presidential election. There have been several moments in which the Mexican president has celebrated decisions and events related to the governor. Last October, he wished him luck in his quest to succeed him in the presidency, under the implicit premise that his candidacy would take away votes from the opposition coalition of the PAN, PRI and PRD whom he has accused of being behind the legal mess that led to the neolonian to renounce his candidacy.

The endorsements for García came in the midst of the rupture between former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard and the national leadership of Morena, after the designation of Claudia Sheinbaum as a presidential candidate. And given the threat that the former chancellor would resign from the Morenoist ranks to register as the presidential candidate of the orange party. Finally, Ebrard decided to remain in the Fourth Transformation and thanked Movimiento Ciudadano for considering it. This decision was the signal for García to take off in his aspiration that only lasted 20 days, from the day of his registration until his renunciation of the presidential dream.

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