López Obrador supports the candidacy of Mariana Rodríguez for mayor of Monterrey

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has supported the aspiration of Mariana Rodríguez, wife of the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, to seek the candidacy to govern the state capital, Monterrey. “She is a successful woman, she has proven it,” the president launched in his morning conference this Monday. With this, he has rejected that the influencer have any legal or moral impediment to apply. This unusual support comes days after the political and governance crisis that arose in Nuevo León and resulted in García’s resignation from his presidential candidacy for Movimiento Ciudadano to prevent Luis Enrique Orozco, of PRI affinity, from taking over as interim governor.

In a last-minute decision, Rodríguez changed the game and registered over the weekend as a pre-candidate for the Citizen Movement for the state capital, although the predictions were that her registration would be as an applicant for a seat in the Senate. The also president of “Amar Nuevo León”—an office created so that the influencer had active participation in all areas of the Government—has received broad support, including that of the current mayor of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio. However, the support that the Mexican president has given him this Monday stands out. There is no previous record of similar pronouncements by the president, even with candidates from his own movement who aspire to positions at that level.

“There is nothing that prevents it, she is a citizen. In accordance with the Constitution we have the right to vote, if we are voted, we can all participate. “There is no legal obstacle that I know of, I could even say that she is a successful woman, she has demonstrated it,” said the president, questioned about the moral feasibility of a governor’s wife seeking the mayoralty of the capital of the same State. .

López Obrador has made public his agreement with Rodríguez, whom he describes as a “good citizen” and recognizes her for knowing how to win over sectors of the middle class and young people in the northern entity. She “she has sympathies from middle class sectors, from young people, like other female and male candidates. Fortunately, very good citizens are being nominated because citizens are very politicized,” she stressed. In addition to the support and contrary to the limits dictated by the electoral law, the Mexican president has called on the citizens of New York to reflect on their vote in the next elections.

“That the citizen, as we have said on other occasions, pay attention to the program they propose, whether it is for the benefit of the people. Two: if the candidate is sincere, honest, if he has love for the people. And three: what party it is, where it comes from, how consistent it has been, if it has really adhered or if it has adjusted to its declaration of principles, to its program of action in its history,” are the recommendations that López Obrador has given to the neolonese.

This presidential support adds to the various endorsements that López Obrador has given to the governor of Nuevo León. First, it was he who considered him a worthy rival to the official candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum, in the battle for the presidency of Mexico in the 2024 elections. Despite the fact that García had rejected any attempt to get into the race. However, like everything in recent weeks, at the last minute García decided to participate. Although the dream has only lasted 20 days. After the failed presidential candidacy of Movimiento Ciudadano, now the president has expanded his support for Rodríguez.

The application of a person for a position such as mayor had not been a topic of interest on the Mexican president’s agenda until this Monday. On some occasions López Obrador has refused to talk about electoral issues, less so when it comes to candidates from other opposition parties. In the case of Nuevo León there seems to be an exception. “People are very awake everywhere, very aware, it is something exceptional that produces a lot of satisfaction. The change in mentality that has occurred, the revolution of consciences,” the president reiterated.

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