Lucas Guimarães remembers the moment with Carlinhos Maia: ”They asked if we were a country duo”

Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães/ Instagram
Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães/ Instagram

On the afternoon of last Saturday, December 9th, the presenter and digital influencer Lucas Guimarães decided to remember old moments alongside his current partner Carlinhos Maia. The new hire of SBT shared with fans videos from many years ago, when the two visited the city of São Paulo for the first time.

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On his official Instagram Stories account, Lucas showed a moment where he was next to Carlinhos and arrived at Guarulhos airport, in São Paulo. The comedian was the one who was initially impressed by the space of the environment: ”Guys, we just arrived at Guarulhos airport. It’s gigantic, as everyone says, right Lucas?!”, said the famous man.

Soon after, Guimarães replied: “I loved it, getting to know a little more […] I entered one place, left another, but that was ok; I’ve already found myself”, described the presenter. In another Story, Lucas also shows the moment in which the two met for the first time Record. He jokes that people mistook them for a country duo: ”This was us for the first time at Record. People asked if we were a country duo.”he wrote. Check it out below!

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Stories by Lucas Guimarães (Photo: Instagram)

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