Madrid firefighters rescue an injured eagle owl in a building in Madrid


Firefighters of the Madrid City Council They rescued this Monday night a specimen of eagle owl, which was injured and trapped behind a lattice on the façade of a building, in the Madrid district of Latina.

Madrid Emergencies reports through the Grefa, that belongs to the Madrid’s community.

Carlos Marin, Madrid Firefighters duty officer has confirmed that it is an eagle owl “trapped and injured in one leg.”

The municipal police officer from the Environment Unit Eduardo González has explained that it is a protected species and that they have taken the animal to the Grefa bird recovery center, where they will do an initial assessment and verify that it is in perfect condition and then they will release it. at the same point where it was found.

He commented that lately they have seen many pairs of owls nesting in high areas, rooftops, in this area of Latin and added that in addition to the heights of buildings, “where humans bother them the least,” we can also find them in trees 4 or 5 meters high.

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