Maiara reveals that she improved her self-esteem by losing 23kg: ”It makes a difference”

Maiara (Photo: Instagram)

Country music singer and composer Maiarafrom the duo with Maraisa, made a statement recently that left many people surprised. The singer’s ex-partner Matthew Gabriel revealed that she lost 23kg in recent months and this helped her improve her self-esteem. Furthermore, the celebrities who performed on the ‘Universo Alegria’ stage decided to look back at the year 2023.

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In an interview with columnist Leo Dias, Maiara declared that she is feeling great with her new look. The countrywoman said the following: “I had to improve my self-esteem, today I’m flying and feeling really good”, he pointed out. Soon after, she admits that having lost weight made a difference in her work, since the artist needs greater physical resistance to deal with the stage and her voice.

Maiara admits: “It makes a difference in my work. I love singing and I was feeling like I needed [emagrecer] to have better resistance on stage. It helps with a well-conditioned physique, even with the vocal cords,” highlighted. Still during the conversation with the journalist, Maraisa’s sister explained that she lost exactly 23kg. Regarding the 2023 retrospective, Maraisa said that this was a cycle of big projects and a lot of dreams come true.

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She reported: ”It was a year of gigantic projects, a lot of achievement, a lot of delivery, and within our work we have nothing to complain about. Of course, every day we have new dreams, next year we have a very different project too”, he said. And he added: “I want to reduce my madness, work, wanting to have control over everything. I want to let things flow’‘, emphasized the countrywoman. Check out the moment below!

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