Malvino Salvador opens up about distance from his daughter: ‘Immense emotional challenge’

Malvino Salvador and his daughter – Reproduction/Instagram

Malvino Salvador He used his Instagram profile this Wednesday (07) to talk about missing his daughter, Sofia, as a result of his relationship with Ana Ceolin. According to the actor, his firstborn was living in Brasília and will return to Rio de Janeiro.

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The actor said it was an “emotional challenge” to be away from the heiress. “As a father, spending so much time away from my daughter, who was living in Brasília, was an immense emotional challenge”stated Malvino, who is currently married to Kyra Gracie, with whom he has three children named Ayra, Kyara and Rayan.

Afterwards, the artist said that it was an “eternity” to be away from Sofia and he could finally breathe a sigh of relief with his daughter’s return. “Each day away from her seemed like an eternity, but now, finally, she is back, and not just back, but living here in Rio de Janeiro with us. I’m excited to be able to share our family routine, experience every moment together and create memories.”he stated.

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To take advantage of his return, the actor said he will spend more moments with the heiress. “I know this new chapter will be filled with love, happiness and togetherness. Welcome back, my beloved daughter. May we enjoy every moment together”he completed.

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Malvino Salvador talks about age

Malvino Salvador revealed during Viva Bem no Seu Tempo that age made him feel sexier and better about himself. The star stated that he has this perception due to the comments he receives from people daily.

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“I feel good about myself. This (being sexy) is something that comes from outside, it doesn’t come from me, it’s a perception that people tell me, but I’m not actually thinking about it.”said the actor, ensuring that he feels fulfilled.

Malvino also highlighted that self-confidence and self-esteem are capable of making anyone sexy. “Self-confidence and self-esteem make anyone sexy. It doesn’t matter what she is like, what way she is, there is a taste for everything.”he completed.

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