Man shot in park in Puntarenas dies in hospital

This Monday, December 11, a man died at the Monseñor Sanabria hospital in Puntarenas after being hospitalized in delicate condition afterr victim of an injury caused by a firearm.

As indicated at the Red Cross monitoring center, the victim was identified as a man from 33 years old who goes by the last name Acosta Álvarez.

The events occurred around 4:20 am in the near the Diego Contreras park, in El Roble from Puntarenas.

“They point out that a man who was outside a bar when He would have been injured by a firearm projectile at the level of his abdomen“, indicated the judicial police.

Because of this, He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.where he was declared dead hours later.

The case remains under investigation by the judicial agents of the Puntarenas Regional Delegation who are investigating the causes that led to the incident. While andThe body was lifted and sent to the judicial morgue for the respective autopsy to be performed.

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