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Live Oak Lodging owner James “Rocky” Reese and Blue Water Branding founder Allison Farmer, father and daughter, shared the renovations plans for Hidden Falls Inn with MySA.
Hidden Falls Inn at Lake Marble Falls is set to make major renovations to the lakeside hotel, but eager travelers will need to wait until spring to enjoy the new changes. On Wednesday, October 5, Hidden Falls Inn at Lake Marble Falls gave MySA a sneak peek at the plans for the new $5 million renovation.
“You’re going to get upscale Texas with a little industrial feel,” said Blue Water Branding founder Allison Farmer. She added that hotel renovations will showcase the unique lakeside property.
The pool area oversees the Marble Falls Lake.
Live Oak Lodging bought the hotel in 2005. Prior to the hotel’s purchase, the property was part of the Hampton Inn franchise for 20 years dating back to 1999. After Hurricane Harvey hit the Live Oak Lodging’s other hotel in Rockport, they extended their franchise lease on the Marble Fall’s property that expired this year.
The hotel is named after the Hidden Falls that sit in Lake Marble Falls. The Hidden Falls are submerged under the lake, which when drained resurfaces the falls, hence the name. Over 134 years ago, the falls were used to power to the mattress factory where the hotel currently sits.
A future renovated room for guests.
“It was a mattress factory and now it’s a hotel. The mattresses here are new though,” Farmer joked.
The hotel sits on Lake Marble Falls and is the only hotel in town that is on a lake. Farmer added that it was the only Hampton Inn in the company that was on a waterfront. The hotel is a short walk away from the Marble Falls downtown district and shops
The exterior of the Hidden Falls Inn after the expansion.
Some of the main changes include knocking out and expanding the first floor rooms to create a sprawling floor space with patios. Of the 65 rooms, 21 will be remodeled for those walkout expansions. Five rooms on the first floor will be connected by a courtyard that will allow families holding get togethers to enjoy the hotel with each other, said Live Oak Lodging owner James “Rocky” Reese.
The second floor area that oversees the lake will be extended to create a balcony and a walkway down to new fire pits. The space will also have a bar area. Also, the first floor will have a band stage where guests can enjoy live music. 
Blue Water Branding founder talking to the renovation workers on scaffolding in the pool area.
The first phase of the construction is supposed to be completed by April 2023.
“We wanted to get the common areas done first. Bring in the bar, bring in the patios on the other rooms, and get that done first, get all that set,” Reese says. He added that the remodel’s second phase will get started after Labor Day 2023. 
Reese, a Marble Falls resident, said the property is important to the town.
“It’s what my parents do best,” Farmer, Reese’s daughter, said. “They are very caring people and they want to build something that the community will be proud of.”
The hotel is taking guests reservations at this time and will continue to house guests during the renovation.
The dining room will have a bar that will overlook the lake.
The main entrance will also be renovated with colored lighting that will back light the Hidden Falls Inn signage.
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