Marcelo Tinelli made a challenge to check if he is toxic as a couple: this was the result

Marcelo Tinelli underwent a toxicity challenge and this was the result

A few weeks before the end of the year, love came into the life of Marcelo Tinelli. After some back and forth in Dancing 2023the driver confirmed his romantic relationship with Milett Figueroa. Now they are no longer hiding and they even revealed their plans to spend the holidays together. In that sense, the businessman wanted to test what he would be like as a boyfriend and underwent a love test on social networks.

The challenge is simple, a voice asks Tinelli questions and he must lower a finger from his hand for each toxic attitude he has. If he lowers them more than five times he will not pass the test. Prepared to respond, the driver took his cell phone with his right hand and showed his left hand to the camera, to keep track of each step. “Test to know if you would be toxic in a relationship. Use audio or make a duet. “Lower a finger if you would be jealous of your partner for no reason,” the artificial intelligence voice of the TikTok application began. Marcelo’s response was a resounding no.

Happy to pass the first test, Tinelli continued the challenge with optimism. Thus he faced the following questions: “Keep your finger down if you would check his cell phone. If you would mind if I told someone ‘my love, baby, my life’. If not, you would let him have anyone scheduled on his cell phone with cheesy names.” Before each test, the leader of the Dancing He answered no.

Milett Figueroa and Marcelo Tinelli confirmed their romantic relationship

The challenge continued with the following questions: “Put your finger down if you wouldn’t let your partner go to a party alone. If you would be able to hack his WhatsApp to see who he is talking to. If you would make a spectacle of yourself in public for your partner just because he or she looked at someone else on the street. YES you would prohibit him from talking to the person you dislike. If you would be upset because he doesn’t respond to your messages quickly.” At this point, the driver was still holding the five fingers of his left hand up.

Already in the final stretch, Tinelli underwent the last step of this questionnaire: “If it would bother you if your partner ran away with your arroba number 3, hiding from you. If you went down more than five fingers you are toxic, control yourself.” Again, Milett Figueroa’s partner denied the question, thus passing the challenge without any trace of toxicity. To celebrate his success, the driver wrote in the video. “The test went well, right?”, asking his fans.

The relationship between the driver and the model seems increasingly consolidated. In that sense, both have already confirmed that they want to spend the next Christmas holidays together, although they have not yet defined whether they will do so in Argentina, Peru or somewhere in between. Now we are talking and we are planning the holidays, so you will find out little by little. The idea is to spend it as a family, always with love, with the people you love and who are your core. Spending it with him or with my family, we always want to be together, at all times, we are always choosing each other, every day,” the dancer had said in dialogue with THE M.

Marcelo Tinelli and Milett Figueroa at the Martín Fierro de la Moda 2023: “We have plans to spend the holidays together” (Teleshow)

“Yes, very happy, the two of us personally think that we are each going through a nice personal moment, as a couple, at work, meeting with our friends, our children. It is a stage of knowledge and at the same time it seems that I already knew it before. He has a way of being very warm with everyone, all the people close to me. She has a very loving and sensitive way of being with people close to me. And that makes me feel very comfortable with her, I already come with someone who knows me and the family. I was never in love and on camera like that, for me it was something very strong,” Tinelli said regarding her relationship in a chat with Ruthless.

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