Marina Calabro spoke about the painful public claim that her sister Iliana made to her

Iliana Calabro’s painful claim to her sister Marina

Iliana Calabro He was encouraged to speak for the first time in public about the distance he maintains with his sister Marina. It was during her participation in PH We can talk, the cycle that leads Andy Kusnetzoff by Telefe. Very moved, the actress opened her heart to give details of this family intern in the program in which the dancer was also invited. Vigna Flowerthe theater producer Flavio Mendozamodel and driver Hernan Drago and the musician Matthew Sujatovich.

It all started in the meeting point segment, when the driver invited those who “They had a wound that they took to therapy.” And in turn, the protagonist of the play Lost mind He took a deep breath, gathered courage and gave his testimony that directly involves one of the most beloved families in the show.

“I’m going to make this public because I don’t know how… I love my sister deeply, I need more of her presence and I feel like she has been avoiding my family since dad left”, she assured, excited. “She is very involved (in work), and I am very happy for this strong professional moment that she has, and I feel that she has to become aware that there is a family that needs her presence. And beyond the fact that I always try to put my body to work on a lot of things, at this point in life one needs to be accompanied by the same person,” she added.

Iliana, Marina and their mother Coca
Iliana, Marina and their mother Coca

This Sunday, Teleshow communicated with Marina Calabro to ask her about the painful claim her sister made on television. The journalist and host responded: “I am not going to speak publicly about family issues. Thank you for understanding. Kisses”. In this way, he made her position clear and once again differentiated himself from Iliana’s behavior.

It should be remembered that Iliana and Marina are daughters of Aida Elena Picardibetter known as Cokeand Juan Carlos Calabrothe renowned actor who died in 2013. The sisters were always united, although they had their differences, like when there was the scandal involving Fabian RossiIliana’s ex-husband and father of her children, in the case known as “La Ruta del Dinero K”, in which he was also involved Leonardo Fariña.

“I have made a lot of effort to bring her closer and it costs a lot, and since I know that the program is going to see it, I make it public because I no longer know how to get her closer to the family, which is the most valuable thing she has” , the actress insisted in dialogue with Andy.

Next, the winner of Singing for a Dream He once again referred to the distance with the political scientist. “You can be successful, professional, responsible. I find out things from colleagues“I don’t know how to deal with it anymore and it hurts me a lot, but we really want him to give more time to his family.” In the same sense, she assured that what is important are family ties: “This is life and the other is temporary, and thank God that things are going well for her, because if not, she would feel very frustrated.”

Iliana was moved to tears when talking about her distant relationship with Marina
Iliana was moved to tears when talking about her distant relationship with Marina

“Did you call Marina and tell her this?” the driver asked. “I invite her to dinner, and it takes a week for her to answer my message because she didn’t open it, and able to open those that have to do with work,” Iliana responded. “Once, in a pandemic, My mom had fallen, I left her the message and two days later she answered me and my mom didn’t find out.“added the actress.

“I remember you two being very close. “What is the reason?” Kusnetzoff asked. “I love her and I know that she loves me and she loves us,” said the guest. “It seems to me that she is a workaholic. Commitment is like a family mandate, the obligation, the delivery. But we can have all that without leaving aside what is valuable, which is the affections.”

Next, Iliana revealed that she discussed this topic off-camera with the journalist from Wool without filter. “My sister cries when I tell her, but I don’t see the change. “I am sure he will see this,” she said. At this point, the driver highlighted the importance of getting together to have a coffee and talk about the topic. “We try, but that change doesn’t last long.” And there Sujatovich arrived with a phrase to decompress. “Tell him that you are going to offer him a job,” said the young musician. Immediately, Calabro smiled and assured: “When I write to him about work, he answers right away”.

The Calabro family during a vacation in Mar del Plata
The Calabro family during a vacation in Mar del Plata

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