Marina Calabró told what was the day she realized that she was not going to return to Martín Albrecht, her ex

That feeling that united her to her partner, to that man with whom she walked side by side for ten years, ended. Marina Calabró is living a painful present, due to everything that the closure of an extensive relationship implies, full of moments and experiences with Martin Albrecht.

The communication of this fact produced an enormous range of ramifications. Because? It turns out that the journalist chose Ángel de Brito as the vehicle to make her divorce official, but in her way her friend Rodrigo Lussich betrayed her and published the information before the start of LAM.

Such a degree of impertinence that Marina felt that the host of Socios delspect betrayed her and broke a friendship of more than twenty years. Even the panelist of Jorge Lanata On Radio Miter he admitted to Yanina Latorre that he cried profusely because of Lussich’s actions.

In short, Calabró’s word remained on the reason why it took him five months to publicly tell about the breakup of his courtship, as well as to express his emotional state. Thus, the journalist spoke for the first time and said: “We were talking a lot because we both felt a certain disconnection and a certain distance. And this thing began to happen to both of us where we felt that we adored the other, but that there were some things that as a couple were beginning to be missing.”

Regarding the exact moment in which they agreed to separate, Marina narrated: “By June 5, Martín’s birthday, we were not together. Which was very sad. On that date, he traveled alone because we were already like this, separated, and it was bad. And in September he took a few days to go see his eldest son in Barcelona, ​​with whom he went to Sardinia.”

Regarding possible reasons or factors that influenced the breakup, the communicator assured: “So there were no arguments, there were no raised tones. What there was was a decision by two adults, after sitting down to talk at length, to move on to another stage of the relationship.”

Marina Calabro – Martin Albrecht

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