Marina Calabro’s reaction after the strong claim that Iliana made to her in PH, We Can Talk

At the time of the fountain of wishes, Iliana was blunt about what she would like to get back. “I want to get my family back around the table, all of us here together,” He said with a broken voice.

“I’m going to make this public because I honestly don’t know how… I deeply love my sister (Marina) and I need more of her presence, and I feel like she’s been avoiding us, the family, since dad he went away”he indicated in reference to the death of the renowned Juan Carlos Calabró.

With anguish, Iliana added: “I am happy for this professional moment that she has and I feel that she has to become aware that there is a family that needs her presence and that, beyond the fact that I always try to put my body into a lot of things, one at this point of the life needs to be accompanied by that which is the same”, he pointed out in reference to the journalist.

“I have made a lot of effort to bring her closer and it costs a lot. I know she will see the program. I am making it public because I no longer know how to get her closer to us, to my mother, to me, to the family. I no longer know how to enter him and I know that he will see this,” Iliana deepened

For her part, Marina, who was at the wedding party of Baby Etchecopar and Silvia Cupeiro, echoed her sister’s statements on the program. Andy Kusnetzoff and his response surprised him. “I’m not going to talk publicly about family matters. Big kiss,” the panelist told ScoopsNow.

Marina Calabro told why she rejected the offer to be Javier Milei’s spokesperson

The elected president Javier Milei He is shaping what the cabinet that will accompany him will be like from his inauguration as government on December 10. And one name began to cause a lot of talk: Marina Calabro She was one of those summoned.

Maite Peñoñorithrough the social network

“Milei offered Marina Calabro to be his presidential spokesperson. Will you accept?” launched the journalist, who today is one of the “little angels” of LAM.

And then it became known that the answer was negative. “I have bad news, Lanata is going to have to continue putting up with me. “This is my life, I am a journalist and here you will find me”, Marina opened up in dialogue with Poco Correctos, the program broadcast by El Trece.

He then took a break to send a warm message to Joaquin Alvarezone of the drivers. “A kiss to the Chicken. He left me such a nice message in such an ugly moment, that speaks of the human quality that he has.”


Javier Milei proposed to Marina Calabro to be presidential spokesperson: her blunt response

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