Marta Rovira assures that the PP wanted to negotiate with ERC the investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, but the ‘popular’ deny it


Without the chapter on the offer of the PP to Togetherlast August, to pardon with conditions Carles Puigdemont in exchange for the votes of the seven deputies neoconvergents for the investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóoto the popular A new front is opened for him due to the contacts he maintained with the independence movement, after the general elections of July 23to explore options to reach the Government.

The general secretary of Republican Left, Marta Rovira, assured this morning that the conservatives proposed opening negotiations in the summer. “After the elections, the deputy Carlos Floriano proposed to Teresa Jorda [número dos de ERC en el Congreso] that we should talk,” he stated in an interview in Ser Catalunya. “They wanted to form a majority, but we responded that we did not speak to the PP“explains the Republican leader about her party’s reaction. “Thanks, but no,” she summarized.

From Genoa, however, they assure that they have “never” entered into “conversations or negotiations with CKD within the framework of the investiture” and that Floriano He only went in August to Jordanin an “informal and colloquial” way, to tell him that “they should let the list with the most votes govern.”

Elections in Galicia

Five days from Galician electionsthe revelation of Rovira It adds to the information from last weekend about the contacts of the PP with Together in which the popular studied for “24 hours” the legality of an amnesty for those accused of the processes and showed the predisposition of Feijóo to grant a pardon to Puigdemont if he returned to Spain to submit to Justice and renounced a new referendum of self-determination.

In a conference in Barcelona given last October, the president of the PP He was in favor of “normalizing relations, based on disagreement, with Catalan nationalism” as the only way to “improve the well-being of citizens.”

Feijóo spoke about his party’s conversations with the Catalan independence forces and, although he assured that JxCat had taken the initiative to contact their formation before the constitution of the Board of the Congress of Deputies, in the case of CKD denied any approach: “Before the elections, Esquerra He said he was interested in talking to us, but then he didn’t.”

The leader of PP at the Barcelona City Council, Daniel Sirerawas the first leader popular who acknowledged having maintained contacts with members of Together to know their demands, as he acknowledged in an interview on Rac1 in September.

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