Matarrita and Zamora will live a harsh reality as a result of violence in Greece

The national soccer players Ronald Matarrita and Álvaro Zamora will experience a harsh reality in Greek football.

This Monday it was confirmed that all national championship matches will be played behind closed doors for the next two months.

It was the spokesman of the Greek government, Pavlos Marinakis, who communicated the decision due to the acts of violence in recent days at sporting events in that country.

The final straw was the serious injury suffered by a police at a volleyball derby in Athens.

The 21-year-old agent was wounded in the thigh and suffered bleeding. He was hospitalized and his condition is still “critical,” according to authorities.

“The championship matches of Greece will be played behind closed doors for the next two monthsuntil February 12,” Pavlos confirmed.

The government spokesperson specified that this measure could also be applied “case by case in the European matches of the Greek teams.”

High-definition cameras and electronic entry systems with identity verification will be installed in all the league’s stadiums, according to the government, to try to reduce violence at venues.

“For many years, criminals have been posing as fans to commit serious crimes, seriously injuring and killing”Marinakis said.

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