Mauricio Wright leaves his future up in the air: “I’m going to evaluate it”

After falling miserably in the series against Saprissa, the coach Mauricio Wright spoke about his future in Cartaginés.

The coach did not confirm that he will continue in the misty club, which he arrived almost halfway through this Apertura tournament.

“He My future is in what I think tooin what I consider I should do (…) I’m going to evaluate it, think things through. The bad percentage is for me, I assume responsibility, the moment I came here I assumed the risk. If now I have to assume the role of bad guy, I have to assume it,” she commented at a press conference.

These are some other statements from the blue and white coach after the 4-0 loss to the purple team:

The defeat: “We couldn’t despite what we tried. Saprissa showed a lot of hierarchy, they made the options they had. We have to recognize when they surpass us.”

Approach: “The fault is mine, the reading of the game and what I thought was going to look for the game. That told us that we had to look for something more than putting the bus in.”

Poor performance: “In the season against the big teams we got a point from Alajuelense. I saw the boys who ran, who tried, we had to make a rearrangement because of Saprissa’s goals. We had to make decisions. “We were highly outmatched.”

Indiscipline in the team: “In conference after conference you have spoken about acts of indiscipline, that you should send the information to the leaders, who must make decisions. I am with a team with important people and I tried to straighten this out, but it couldn’t be done.”

Bulky result: “The aggregate is bulky (6-0), and on my part, tough. In the semifinals that I have directed, which are quite a few, leaving like this without scoring a point and not scoring goals is very hard for me.”

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