Mayor makes the worst decision after drunk driving crash

(AFP) The mayor of a small town in southern Chile took his life after resign from his position through social networks after crashing his car drunk, the prosecutor’s office confirmed this Monday.

“I made a tremendous mistake. “I broke the law and as a communal authority I must pay.”wrote Jorge Roa, the 68-year-old mayor of the town of Florida, on your Facebook profile.

Roa published the message on Sunday after having been detained for a few hours, as a result of the traffic accident in which he was involved under the influence of alcohol, a source from the prosecutor’s office told AFP.

The president crashed his vehicle into a house. The police released him because that there were no victims or major damage.

This Monday, Roa was found dead in his home in Florida, a town of just over 10,000 inhabitants in the BioBío region, located about 500 km south of Santiago, the prosecutor’s office confirmed.

The mayor, a teacher by profession, He had been in office for 11 years and was a Christian democracy activist. In his public letter he added: “I do not have the moral authority to continue in my position.”

According to his public account, before crashing his car he was spending time “with several friends.”

After the accident, he did not flee the scene and submitted to all police checks.

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